5 must have apps in Nice, France

So you are contemplating a move to Nice, France? Or maybe you are already packing! The beach, palm trees, and 300 + days of sunshine make this Cote d’Azur city hard to resist. I have included a list of the 5 apps that will make your life easier if a move to Nice is in your future (hint: these would also be helpful for the extended holiday goers).

Uber – With an increase in French transport strikes and the high cost of Taxi’s in Nice, Uber the most reliable and affordable option to get you from the airport (which is 3km from old town) to your hotel. It is also a great option for those late nights in old town that keep you out until the buses stop running. The best part is you don’t have to worry about having the right amount of cash or whether they will take your credit card as the price of the fare is deducted from the card you set up your Uber account with! If you are looking for something really unique and have some extra money to spend you can take advantage of the UberCOPTER feature and fly to Monaco or Cannes. 

Uber app

Google Maps – I love this app and use it everywhere I go. You can download a city so that you can use the app even when you don’t have internet connection. It is great for saving locations that you want to visit when you just don’t have the time to stop right now.  In Nice you may find yourself researching the names of bus stations to use in the Lignes d’Azur app mentioned later – this is probably the function I used the most.

Google Maps - Nice, France

Rail Planner – This handy little app will allow you to put in rail stations or “gares” to determine when your train will be departing, how many stops that specific train will have, and how long it will take you to reach your destination. I have watched countless people just show up to the Nice Ville Gare station and wait a 1/2 hour or longer for their train to arrive. This is wasted time that you could be spending on the beach!


Lignes d’Azur – Don’t like trains, or maybe the train is not going to a place that you are interested in (i.e. St. Paul de Vence), or GASP maybe the trains are on Strike which happens more often than you would think possible.  This app allows you to plug-in bus stops and look at the departure times, daily schedule, and transit times. The only downfall to the app is you need to know the name of the bus stop which if you have never been to the location you may not know. To help with this Google maps will show all bus stops (if you hover over or click on the bus stop icon it will display the name) in an area that you specify so you can input the most accurate information into the Lignes d’Azur app.

Google Translate – If you are fluent in French I commend you as I have worked on mastering the language for over 9 months and I am still very much a work in progress. If you are like me and lack proficiency or do not know any french at all then this app will be your lifeline in groceries stores, restaurants, and so much more! You can plug-in an english word and it will translate and “speak” the french word or phrase back to you or vice versa. There is also a camera feature, when selected you can direct your camera towards the object you need translated and it will complete the translation on your phone screen. This app is not 100% correct all the time as there are some words that simply do not translate the same, however, it will get you close 99% of the time and I have discovered if you show a little effort, the French will meet you the rest of the way.

Google Translate

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