Tâmpa - Brasov - 2015

Our gateway to Bran.

I know that makes Brasov sound kind of like a drug but the city truly is enchanting; so full of history and charm while also being one of the largest transportation hubs in Romania. It is considered the 7th most populated city in the country with over 250,000 people calling it home. Founded in 1234 Brasov is an eclectic mix of design throughout the ages.

A famous example of the this is “Biserica Neagră” or Black Church located on the corner of Piața Sfatului / Brasov Council Square. Construction is estimated to have begun in the early 14th century and as with all projects of this scale ran into a a few hiccups along the way finally reaching completion sometime during the end of the 14th century. Originally constructed in the late Gothic design it received some Baroque style updates following a fire in 1689 which left the church blackened (the reason for it’s name) and in need of repair. The church is a must see if you are stopping in Brasov, don’t be surprised if they ask you to put your phone or camera away while touring the inside as photos are not allowed and the policy is strictly enforced.

We stayed at Kismet Dao, a hostel just a short walk away from the Black Church near the city center. Our hosts at Kismet Dao were helpful in assisting us with transport to Bran the following day and they have a house dog which made us feel almost like we were back home with our Zoe dog. The gentleman who checked us in recommended a trip up to the top of Tampa mountain for the best view in the city!

Dog - Brasov - 2015
Dog – Brasov – 2015

So of course we just had to check it out. After walking up quite a few stairs, we finally made it to the cable car station that would take us the rest of the way up. There are paths that you can walk up/down as well if you are looking for leisurely and probably stunning stroll. Unfortunately, the views from the very top are blocked by the restaurant that they have up there (which was not open), and the cable car station boarding/deboarding area. With that being said I would recommend the walk to get the most out of your journey to the top.

A dinner at Cerbul Carpatin which featured live dancing and authentic flavorful food completed our one night in Brasov. We turned in early that night because the next morning we had a long walk to the Autogara 2 to catch our bus to Bran.

Corbel Carpatin - Brasov - 2015
Corbel Carpatin – Brasov – 2015

Brasov was a leisurely experience for both of us, the cute streets surrounding the Piața Sfatului could keep one busy for a day or two along with being ideally located for day trips to Bran and many other small historic it should be on your list of places to visit on your next trip to Romania.


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