Botanical gardens - Eze Village - 2016

Perched along the cliffs in the South of France is the charming medieval walled village of Eze. With it’s artsy shops, outdoor cafes, and expansive botanical gardens there is enough to keep one occupied here for the better part of an afternoon.

If you are staying in Nice you can take the bus (#82) from Nice to Eze-Village it leaves approximately every hour from just outside Nice’s old town district.  You can also drive as there is some parking at the base of the village itself, during peak summer visiting times though parking may be more difficult to find (May – August).   Do not take the train to Eze unless you are prepared for a 45 minute hike up the cliff to the village itself.

Carnival to Park Phoenix - 382edited

Once you have arrived in the village you may feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale, the cobbled paths curving upwards lend a magical quality. You will spot plants growing out between the stones, colorful planters decorating every surface, and cats relaxing along the steps. If you are interested in seeing some truly panoramic views of the Mediterranean, pay the 4 euro entrance fee to the botanical gardens at the top. It is worth it I assure you.

The pace in Eze-Village is slower. So if you are one that likes to rush you may find that you only need an hour or two here; I challenge you to take a breath though and soak in the amazing atmosphere of one of France’s most welled loved hilltop villages.

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