Gorges Du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon - 2016

Gorges du Verdon otherwise known as Verdon Gorge is considered by many to be the most beautiful river canyon in Europe. I discovered it while browsing through pictures on Pinterest. The picture I stumbled upon depicted a deep canyon valley with the most beautiful colored green/turquoise river running through it. That was the moment Verdon Gorge was added to my travel bucket list!

Thankfully I did not have to wait long to cross it off my list as Mathew had family coming into town and this was listed as one of their must see places! A few weeks later with a rental car containing four excited adults, a picnic lunch, and a goldendoodle we were on the road to see this canyon I had pinned just a short time ago.

We left on a Sunday morning and after making a few stops to clean up after a carsick Zoe (our dog) we made it to a small village just before the beginning of the canyon road, where we thought we could pick up some bread. Having lived in France for a few months now, we should have realized that nothing is guaranteed to be available or open on a Sunday. Unfortunately, we did not find any bread in that village or in fact at all during that entire day. What we did find in the village though was a group of very friendly locals hanging out with their dogs at one of the cafe’s. One of which also happened to own the honey store a few doors down, so with some local honey and cheese in hand we made our way back to the car.

We made our first stop about a half hour later, when we turned into a viewpoint parking area carved into the side of the road. The vista was impressive with the brilliantly colored water winding between the tall canyon walls. It was every bit as beautiful as the picture I had seen online!

After a quick picnic and a few more stops to take in the beauty of the area, we started to make our way back to Nice. Just in time as the clouds started to move in and pelt us with little drops of rain. Overall we spent probably six hours driving roundtrip from Nice. While you could easily spend more time taking in the views and exploring the cute villages along the way if you only have a half day and want to see some spectacular views rent a car or take your car and make your way up to the Verdon Gorge.

To see more pictures of our road trip through

Gorges du Verdon click here

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