Monaco Grand Prix – Free Day!

Grand Prix - Monaco - 2016

Welcome to one of the of worlds most prestigious races in the world! Attracting super yachts and spectators paying upwards of 2,000 euro per seat, the Monaco Grand Prix has been one of the top events in the racing world since 1929. If you are like me and not willing or financially unable to dish out the cash to witness “the race of the year” then you are going to want to keep reading…

…because the Monaco Grand Prix has a FREE day!

You read that correctly. The Friday just before the big F1 race you can get access to all the grand stands and watch the cars race along the infamous Monaco track (i.e. the streets of Monaco). A track some say that is so treacherous that it would not meet present day standards to be considered a part of Grand Prix race schedule – thank goodness it doesn’t need to.

Races on this Friday are only completed in the morning – schedules can vary from year to year so I urge you to check the Monaco Grand Prix website for race times and further information.  In 2016, there were three races that you could choose from or you could watch all three – like me! The first was the Renault series 2.0 practice, followed by the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercut Qualifying race, and lastly the GP2 Series First Race.

We started our race day out in the bleachers overlooking the port, moved to the backside of these bleachers overlooking the corner turn, and finished our day watching the cars race past the Monaco casino. We discovered that the casino has by far the best seats – which I am sure also come with the heftiest price tag on paying days.

Pack up your camera, sunscreen, water bottle, and make your way out to Monaco to enjoy an event usually reserved for the upper class.


For more pictures of the Monaco Grand Prix Free Day click here

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