Portofino - Italy - 2016

Portofino is a contradiction of sorts, with its small harbor surrounded by pastel buildings it appears to be a quaint fishing village. However, upon closer inspection you begin to notice the super yachts anchored further out in the bay, the prestigious designer stores lining the cobbled walkways, and if you decide to spend a night you will unmistakebly notice the dent in your pocketbook.

It was for this reason that we chose to make a day trip out of Portofino and stayed instead at a much more reasonably priced town about 20 minutes North. I don’t mean to scare you off of visiting this beautiful seaside village, quite the opposite I encourage you to visit even if just for a few hours, if you have the means splurge on a hotel here for the night, I am sure you will not be disappointed. If you are just driving through, may I recommend an early morning visit, mostly because there is less foot traffic and it allows for some great pictures, but it also give you a genuine look at the town before the tourists flood in.

Some of my favorite pictures of our goldendoodle Zoe were taken here, and while walking along the port we even got to see jellyfish swimming in the clear water. There is more than just the port area to see if you want to spend a whole day here, such as a Castello overlooking the town, and a botanical garden that looked quite lovely from a distance.  If you love designer items, you will find yourself in paradise wandering through the old village streets to browse the newest fashions.

Click here to see more pictures of our trip to Portofino

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