San Marino

San Marino - Italy - 2016

Clinging to the cliffs of Eastern Italy, is the worlds oldest surviving sovereign state and fifth smallest country! Much larger than you would originally anticipate the country it is made up of multiple settlements including the medieval Città di San Marino. Only a six-hour drive from Nice, France it made for the perfect place to spend an extended weekend together.


We of course chose to spend our time in the medieval settlement of Città di San Marino located at the very top of Monte Titano. I imagine the views would be beautiful on a clear day, however, with the clouds laying heavily along the mountain it made for a white knuckle journey to the top along twisting roads.

Our hotel was ideally located just below Torre Guaita which is one of three towers overlooking the country of San Marino.  While you have to pay to get into the three towers I would recommend it as the views are incredible!

During our stay a few of government buildings were closed down for an international gathering. While this initially was disappointing, we soon realized that this meant there would be an impressive procession through the city streets. I would not plan your trip around this sort of gathering but it was really something to see so if you do happen to be there during one don’t miss it.

Our weekend getaway to San Marino was relaxing and the views were breathtaking – just what the doctor ordered. If some down time in a settlement filled with history appeals to you then you must put San Marino on your list!


To see more pictures of our trip to San Marino click here

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